Full Service Asian Massage

Swedish Massage

If you are visiting our spa for the first time, Swedish massage is the best to start with. Our licensed and trained therapists can perform the massage service according to your choice. You can just relax while our experienced therapist performs various massage strokes with oil. Relaxation is the prime benefit of Swedish massage.
Other benefits of Swedish massage include increasing the blood flow in your body, warming up the muscle tissue and releasing tension. If you want to relax your body and soul with an exceptional massage experience, contact our friendly therapists.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage helps you regain your energy and peace of mind. The best deep tissue massage therapy focuses on re-aligning deeper layers of your body muscles. Say adieu to chronic aches and pains you have been suffering for so long. Gift yourself the rejuvenated experience of a deep tissue massage that is performed throughout from head to toe. Though deep tissue massage has slower movement, the pressure is deeper. It concentrates on the areas of tension and pain. Our massage specialists do the deep skin massage with utmost care. Your joints and muscles gets relaxed and rejuvenated.
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Japanese Shiatsu Massage

In this type of therapy, our Asian massage therapists practice massages based on the traditional Chinese medicine. Initially our therapist takes pulse diagnosis to check the condition of your human body. The finger pressure massage includes thumbs, fingers, palms, and feet of the therapists to stretch, and perform mobilization and joint manipulation. When deep pressure is applied to correct the internal malfunctions and promote vitality and maintain good health. Various techniques like holding, pressing and leaning body weight into various parts along the energy lines can release blocks and improve blood circulation. Shiatsu massage plays a major role in restoring energy balance, reducing stress, promoting healing, and bringing relief to a lot of other physical and mental issues.

Our team of spa experts delivers the perfect Asian massage to discover inner peace and natural healing. Contact us to relax in a quiet and serene ambience. Call 530-215-1577 to book a high quality Shiatsu massage and reserve your spa bookings.

Your Spa Experience Is 100% Customized

Since our services are customer oriented, we help them relax in a comfortable setting and personalize the massage treatment based on individual perquisites

Hot Stone Treatment

Hot Stone Massage is a specialized massage therapy that is done by placing smooth, flat, heated basalt stones at specific places. It aims at stimulating energy points, blood circulation and for curing the body from injuries. Our skilled Asian massage therapists can help you heal any level of stress and pain. With the hot stone treatment, you increase flexibility in joints which helps mobility and movement.
Try the best hot stone massage in Redding CA for guaranteed relief!

Back Walking Treatment

Back Walking Treatment is the best solution for lower back pain and muscle related pains. Our therapy involves a certified Asian therapist walking on your back balancing a wooden support. The massage helps relieve you from all kinds of back muscle related pain. With the comfortable pressure exerted on your lower back with her feet, you will feel instant relief. With the experienced therapist, you are able to release the muscle tension and relax like never before. Say goodbye to that painful back pain today! Visit our back walking treatment therapist in Redding CA.